Supplier of Books from Poland

Distribution of Polish books and scholarly journals

We are an experienced worldwide book supplier from Poland.
Our main office is situated in Krakow, an important academic centre, and we cooperate with the majority of Polish universities, academic publishing houses and distributors of books in Poland. We are able to supply any book available on the market. At our customers’ request, we look for publications in out of print editions, or for missing volumes in book series, etc.

Polish scholarly publications, monographs, academic handbooks

We supply Polish books to libraries, scholarly institutions and bookshops. Orders for books published in Poland are taken from individual customers, scholars, students, researchers, etc.

Subscription for Polish periodicals and book series

Our customers are offered a possibility to subscribe for publications and make standing orders for Polish journals, periodicals, and book series.

Out-of-print publications, antiquarian publications from Poland

We look for out-of-print books and we are able to find the missing books in book series, etc. which are available at the Polish antiquarian market and at auctions

Cooperation with Polish academic publishing houses and chief Polish book distributors

Our long term experience and cooperation with the majority of Polish universities, book editors and book distributors in Poland makes us outstanding.


We offer our customers supplies of Polish journals, Polish periodicals, and book series from Poland.
We offer a possibility to subscribe for publications and make standing orders as well as to order individual volumes in a given series.

Supplier of Polish books for libraries

We process orders for both individual customers and institutions such as universities, scholarly institutions, libraries, research centres and bookshops.

Our long term experience as well as the network of contacts and co-workers we have developed allow us to act quickly and effectively. We are flexible and easily adjust to our customers’ needs. We provide advice, prepare current catalogues containing newly published Polish books in the fields of interest of our customers.


Scholarly books from Poland

We specialize in publications in the fields of humanities and social sciences, but also in other scientific disciplines. We offer translations of fiction, historical books, non-fiction, popular science literature, etc. We supply Polish academic handbooks, monographs, professional scholarly publications, books on law or medicine, depending on our customers’ needs.


We run the Archeobooks website portal which specializes in publications on Archeology, Egyptology, or Classical Studies and we supply publications that are difficult to obtain, monographs and periodicals for libraries, museums, institutions and individual customers worldwide.

We are the sole distributor of a number of book series on Archeology. We specialize in exhibition and museum catalogues, excavation reports, oriental art and architecture, ancient warfare, coins and coinage, etc. We have a large collection of rare and antiquarian publications including those hard-to-find issued in Eastern and Central Europe.


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